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Our goal is for photography to be a journey..... an enlightening, fun and positive experience

Creative Photo
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Photo Tour to Magical Budapest  May 21 to May 31

  • Small classes

  • Creative practice assignments will be given.  Bring your fully charged camera and     manual with you the first day of class. These classes are definitely hands on and fun! Laptops are welcome.

  • West Los Angeles classes: 3325 Shelby Dr. L.A. 90034

Student Comments

"I have taken photographs for half of my life, but had never known how to use a camera other than on auto. Tracey teaches the use of a camera by giving assignments that force the student to practice the concept.  It becomes second nature to use f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISOs.  Tracey brings an enthusiasm to the photography class that is contagious.  She has a gift for zeroing in on all the elements that make a photo work (compostion, exposure, creativity, experimentation, etc.) and what parts take away from its success.  Her criticisms are always spot on and very insightful.  Her assignments are inspirational, fun, and always educational.  It has been a treat over the past few years to grow in my work and creativity with her support and guidance."                                                
                                                                 -  January Woods

Santino is a wonderful teacher for anyone who wants to learn how to use a camera and develop an eye for photography.  I am almost finished with my second 10 week session and will definitely continue photography, as well as photography related computer classes, with both Tracey and Santino!  Because of my lack of technological savvy, I was self-conscious about learning how to use my camera as well as learning how to upload, save and edit my photos.  Santino made me feel completely at ease, and worked easily among the different levels of computer knowledge within the class.  He combines his own photography talent with a natural ability to teach and makes you feel as though you are infinitely capable.

                                                                 -  Suzanne Randolph

"I have truly loved and benefited from taking photography classes from Tracey. Her creativity, thoughtfulness and individual attention has taken me to new heights I never knew existed.  This is true for taking photographs in areas I had never explored and as elementary as to how a camera and flash attachment actually work.  Tracey's knowledge, experience and dynamic enthusiasm has helped make me a better photographer and to continually learn more."

                                                                 - Frank Damon, Attorney at Law

I have been taking classes with Santino since 2013, and It has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm a mother of a 1 year old girl and as you can imagine I didn't want to miss any moment of her life, so I decided to give it a try.
But here is the best part, I'm not the only one who loves my pictures, all of my friends have asked me to take pictures of them because they think I'm a Pro!!!. :)  Santino is a great teacher, you would be amazed to see the difference between my old pictures and now. If you love photography and want to learn how to take great pictures, this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed!!!.
                                                                - Yanira Aguilar

"Dear prospective student,
In my thirty years of photography classes and tutoring, often with very noted photographers my progress was slow. I have good equipment and and a good eye - but was stalled. Tracey has the unique capacity to analyze and teach in simple terms what works and what does not. Additionally, her spirit and upbeat nature makes learning and class a pleasure. She has the capacity to grasp where you want to go photographically and get you there - or at least on your way. Her assignments are creative, challenging, useful and even fun.

I would be pleased to discuss the class with you by phone - 310-271-2041."

                                                                - David Meltzer

"I joined Tracey's photography class two years ago with a goal of improving my compositions.  I have since emerged an artist.  My whole notion of what makes a terrific picture has changed.  Tracey has given me an understanding of the technical aspects of my camera along with the encouragement to be experimental with my images.  She knows how to push her students forward with her insightful criticism.  Plus, she has a fabulous sense of humor.  Class is never boring, and usually contains a huge epiphany each week.  I am more confident and am now able to tap into the limitless possibilities of my imagination when shooting with my camera."

                                                                     - Debbie Alexander